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KaratBars 1 Gram Gold
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  • Discovery 1

    The history of money and the future of money. It is important to know where we have come from so we know where we are going!

  • Discovery 2

    The history of the company and what we have accomplished to date. This is important for your due diligence.

  • Discovery 3 

    The ONLY Crypto Currency backed by GOLD. This is so unique and is a merger of Old school money and New School. Future proofing your finances

  • Discovery 4 

    The Road Map of the company in terms of development and taking things to the next level.

  • Discovery 5 

    The Market and where we as a company sit in it in terms of impact. Further validating the opportunity.

  • Discovery 6 

    The people who are involved this will give you the reassurance that you can do this as a business or benefit from this as just a saver.

Time To Continue With Your Due Diligence

Time To Watch The Presentation

  • This first video is a full presentation of the KaratBars Opportunity from a savers point of view as well as building it as a business opportunity

  • This second video is a profile of KaratBars CEO Harald Seiz. It is important for you to get an overview into the man at the top who started this in 2011


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STRAIGHT AWAY ! (This is very important)

The world is changing and we have to adapt to the change or get left behind.

You NEED to future proof your finances for yourself and your family. 

You WILL do that by saving/investing in Gold and if you are smart you will have the opportunity of getting paid by helping and educating others to do the same.

What you have been presented with today is a way of doing that in an AFFORDABLE way that ANYONE can GET INVOLVED.

What you do with this information is completely up to you.

If you choose to start saving in Gold WELL DONE, you have made a very smart decision based on the evidence.

If you choose to build this as a business, WELL DONE again, I look forward to working with you and helping you to achieve what ever level of success you want based on your own personal goals and work ethic.

I have some additional tools and training that you will get access to as part of my team but I will fill you in on more of that when we speak.

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